Thursday, May 20, 2010


Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Sadly, the color fades here on the blogger so you'll have to check them out on the website!

As I’ve told you, my friend Fede owns a popular hip-hop shoe store here in Buenos Aires. His family, recognizing the growing niche that is the hip-hop, and urban styled community in Buenos Aires, started their clothing line many, many years ago. His shoe store was started just recently, and it is currently in its process of being refurbished, and revamped.

During a lunch meeting we had one time he told me all about the terrible luck that he had with photographers. One tried to charge him 10 pesos a shot for thousands of shots, one took 2 weeks to do the shots he needed then they were terrible. He spoke pretty harshly about the last girl, who he still generously paid, who was still asking about what other shots he needed.

He wondered if I could help him with some shots he needed. I said that I definitely could. Could I? I had never done product photography a day in my life…but somehow my mouth had decided that I could.

Well, the day of question came quickly. An e-mail warning me that he was expecting a shipment of shoes the next day, a confirmation the next day and my requested presence at his house that evening.

Of course I called my man, who is actually trained in these things, and he assured me that the process would be easy as long as I had two lights, and the reflection board. Check!

Well, with a bootleg foot tripod, stacks of shoe boxes, an acrylic light board, a black drop cloth, and two florescent lights, we took about 500 beautiful, yup BEAUTIFUL DAMMIT, pictures of…tennis shoes.

Most of them appeared to be knock off Chucks with special twists (hello kitty…color-changing Velcro strap on and strap offs). Sativa, Fede, Ceci (his wife), and I did the damn thing.

And so was my introduction to product photography. And it was good.

Check out kicksdom online here!

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